Dundee District Scout Council

Guidance Notes

Douglaswood Scout Centre is maintained by volunteers. The following Guidance Notes are provided in order that the Centre is kept in a clean, tidy and safe condition thus freeing the volunteers' time and energies for improving and developing the facilities. They are also supplied to help make your stay at Douglaswood Scout Centre an enjoyable and memorable one.

Please read them carefully and use them to enhance your stay. These Guidance Notes apply to everyone and should be read by all.


Scouts, Guides and members of other uniformed organisations using the site should arrive and depart in full uniform.


Groups using the Centre will be sent an information pack where facilities, rules, use of equipment, etc., will be explained. The site will be checked after use to ensure that the site/buildings are left in an acceptable condition.  A cleaning fee may be charged if buildings/site are not left in an acceptable condition.

Form NAN

All Dundee Scout users for this site should complete Form Nights Away Notification.


A payphone, situated at the Campers Lounge (door end of Larg Centre), is available for building users and campers. (the Douglaswood Scout Centre telephone number is 01382 370582)

First Aid

Groups visiting the centre are expected to bring their own First Aid materials.

Cleaning and Cleaning Materials

To avoid damaging the centre's septic tank, ONLY cleaning products suitable for septic tanks must be used at all times - bleach & anti-bacterial soaps must never be used. Buildings must be left in a clean and tidy condition by users - a checklist of requirements regarding this is available in each building.


Outdoor shoes should not be worn in either of the accommodation buildings: soft footwear for indoor use only must be brought by all building users.


NO SMOKING is permitted in or near any of the centres or around young people in any part of the site.


Refuse may be disposed of in the silver bin situated at the front gate. Once this bin is full all remaining refuse must be removed from the site on departure.  Rubbish must NOT be left at the side of the bin nor the bin lid be left open.


A purpose-built campfire circle is available for both campers and building users to share in a pleasant way to end a day with a wood pile close by.


Please park responsibly ensuring that access is clear for emergency vehicles at all times.

Drivers may off-load equipment and personnel using either of the two roads which follow the boundary fence and then park their vehicles in the signposted car park. Vehicles must not be driven across grassed areas.

Area around the flag pole

The grassed area in front of the Larg Centre is primarily intended for games and should not be used for pitching tents


Dogs are not normally permitted on site (guide dogs excepted).


The metal fence is the boundary of the camping and activity area of Douglaswood Scout Centre.

Any fenced-off areas on the site or in the plantation are out of bounds at all times. The bat cave in the pill-box on the south-east corner of the site is also out of bounds - it is, in fact, illegal to disturb bats so please keep away as much as possible.

While off the site (eg hikes) please follow the country code and observe the rules of courtesy and common sense. We would not wish to cause annoyance or offence by damaging fences or crops, leaving gates open, or wandering where we clearly have no right to be.

Special attention should be paid to ensuring that the metal gates at the site entrance are closed at all times, as the farmer normally keeps cattle in the field, particularly in summer.


Alcohol may only be allowed on site under certain conditions and with prior permission from the District Commissioner.


All groups will be asked to assist in a short service activity during their stay by a member of the Douglaswood Service Team.


Firearms (eg air rifles) are not permitted on site under any circumstances.