Dundee District Scout Council

Douglaswood Field Studies Centre

Douglaswood Field Studies Centre was officially opened in April 2000. The building was formerly the gatehouse which guarded the entrance to the site when it was a radar station during the Second World War.

The building was slowly falling into a state of disrepair when it was decided to refurbish it and turn it into a field studies centre which would complement the Nature Trail, the pond in the back wood and the abundant flora and fauna found in and around the camp site.

With a donation from the former Dundee Eastern Scout District and, with labour supplied by the Douglaswood Scout Service Team and Fellowship, it was quickly upgraded to its present state in a very short time.

The former Dundee Scout Shop donated money to purchase the original equipment and resources and this was supplemented by grants from Scottish Natural Heritage and Macdonalds Restaurants Children's Charities Fund.

Who is the Field Studies Centre for?

The centre is particularly aimed at young people aged six to twelve years of age such as Beavers and Cubs, and other youth organisations of similar age. Schools, youth clubs and environmental groups are also welcomed and encouraged to use the facility.

The centre can cater for groups of about 8 to 10 maximum, and has water and electricity supplies (including lighting and power points). It is open all year round and has a wide range of resources to assist you in your field studies.

The centre and its activities are especially suitable for those with special needs, particularly those young people who are in wheelchairs and those with other physical disabilities.

Booking Arrangements and Costs

Douglaswood Field Studies Centre normally costs £10 per day. Rates for full weekends, half days and for extended use (such as during a week's annual camp) are available on request.

Regular bookings (for example, first Saturday morning of each month for a year, or four consecutive Sundays, etc.) will also be available at much reduced rates. Contact the Douglaswood Coordinator with your needs for a quote.

If you wish to bring a larger group than is normal to use the Field Studies Centre facilities it may be possible to have day or evening use of one of the other buildings on site. This will of course be subject to building availability and also the intended use of the buildings. Again, please contact the Douglaswood Coordinator for more information regarding this.

Use of Equipment and Resources

The use of the equipment and resources is free although you may be charged for damage to, or losses of, equipment. The only exception to this rule will be if you decide to take the equipment off-site eg Crombie Country Park. In such cases a deposit will be required which will be refunded on complete and safe return of the equipment borrowed.

There may be small charge for worksheets, photocopying and use of consumables such as art and craft materials (such charges will be on a cost only basis). It is worth noting that a combination TV and video is available for use and there are also photocopying facilities.

The building itself has a water supply, electrical power, electric kettle and heating. Crockery and eating utensils can be made available if prior notice is given.

Advance Visits to the Field Studies Centre

Leaders are more than welcome to visit the Field Studies Centre to check out the facilities and resources available. (You are strongly advised to do this prior to using the facilities). Again, contact the Douglaswood Coordinator who will be more than willing to assist you.

(On very rare occasions the Centre may be available for use for non-environmental reasons (eg as a reception area, or as a checkpoint, or as an activity base, etc during activities and competitions). Such use will be at the sole discretion of the Douglaswood Coordinator, although usage for environmental and related activities will always be given priority).