Dundee District Scout Council

District Fun Sports Day

21/06/2014 to 21/06/2014

There is to be a Fun Sports Day involving all sections on Saturday the 21st of June at Baldragon Academy.
Gates will open at 1230 with events starting at 1300 and the day will finish at around 1630.
As many people can take part from your group/section as you wish as long as you provide leaders to come with them where required.

Each group should organise their own permission forms for the day and an in touch person.
The cost is £3 per participant which is non-refundable.
The event will be entirely outdoors and will still take place if raining. Each group is allowed to pitch one gazebo to shelter bags etc.

An opening ceremony will take place where all groups will be asked to parade around the track and if they wish waves flags and banners they wish to bring. Each group will be allocated a Commonwealth Country to represent for the day and banners and flags should be connected to your given country. Your allocated country is at the end of this letter.

Over the afternoon activities will be provided that will allow beavers to complete their Health and Fitness Badge, Cubs and Scouts their Athletics Badge and Explorers their Athletes Badge. Each participant will be provided a record card which they will need to get signed off when they complete activities. This will then allow leaders to find out which members of their section completed the requirements for their respective badges.
Members can still take part if they already have the badge or don’t want to complete all the requirements.

Over the afternoon a number of fun and serious events will be taking place around the grounds and participants can take part in these at their leisure.

For events to be held on the running track participants must be entered on the attached spreadsheets. Times of races will be given on the day and leaders will need to ensure their members are at the start points on time.

Track events for Beavers are25 m sprint, 50m sprint and 4 x 50m relay.
Track events for cubs are 50m sprint, 100m and 4 x 100m relay.
Track Events for Scouts are 100m, 400m and 4 x 100m relay.
Track events for Explorers are 100m, 400m and 4x 100m relay.

Even if you can’t get teams of 4 for the relay races please still enter your members and we will join them up with someone else.
There will also be 2 Network and leader events and it is hoped each group attending will enter some leaders for these events along with Network Members.
Leader/ Network events will be 100m and 4x 100m and names should also be entered on the attached spread sheets. (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network & Leaders)

All of these events on the day will be run on a fun basis and there will be no emphasis on winning.
Please note Explorers who are also Young Leaders can’t enter leader races.

It is hoped that each child participant will be given a medal on the day so it is vital that we have numbers, names and money by the 30th of April. Late additions may be accepted but they may not receive a medal.
Medals will be given to each group to hand out on the day and we hope each group will provide a GSL or someone other than a section leader if possible to present the medals.
Due to parking restrictions we request that each group considers a suitable meeting and collection place. The car park will not be available for dropping off etc. on the day.
Due to various issues we are sorry to say parents will not be able to stay to watch.

All entries should be returned to stuart@dundeescouts.org.uk

Cheques should be made payable to Dundee District Scout Council and if paying direct to District please let me know this when entering.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Allocated Countries –

  • 5th – Canada
  • 7th – Australia
  • 20th – New Zealand
  • 22nd – India
  • 25th – South Africa
  • 26th – Jamaica
  • 29th – Barbados
  • 30th – Wales
  • 32nd – Northern Ireland
  • 45th – Kenya
  • 49th – Pakistan
  • 62nd – Malta
  • Downfield Explorers – Trinidad and Tobago
  • Broughty Ferry Explorers - Cyprus
  • Discovery Explorers –Nigeria
  • Network - Zambia