Dundee District Scout Council

The District Team

Dundee District is led and managed by Samantha Simmons, District Commissioner.
Samantha joined scouting at age of 15 (was originally Girls Brigade!!!) when joining the Venture Scouts, she became a leader with the 26th Group in the Beaver section when 18 and has been there ever since.

She became Beaver Commissioner then Deputy District Commissioner and took over as District Commissioner in 2011.

"Scouting opens up a world of challenges, opertunities, fun and friendship. I have had the chance to do things I never thought I would do and share them with amazing friends."


Stuart Ramsay has been involved in Scouting since joining the 22nd cubs back in 1981. He then remained in the group throughout the cubs and scouts before moving on to the Venture Scouts. After a short period as what would now be called a young leader at the 7th cubs he ret

urned to the 22nd Group first to help in the Beavers before moving on to the Cubs a few months later back in 1988 where he has been ever since, eventually becoming Cub Leader in 1993.

Having served on the Area and District Cub Teams Stuart was appointed ADC Cubs in the summer of 2009.

"Scouting has gaven me so much enjoyment and the chance to do things and visit places I would never had the chance to do otherwise as well as making many great friends

Paul Smith is our ADC for Adult Training. He has been a leader with the 26th since 2008, where he originally began Scouting in the 1970's (yes he is that old!!). 
Professionally Paul is a Registered Nurse and he delivered the Module