Dundee District Scout Council

What are Beaver Scouts?

Beaver Scouts are 6 and 7-year-old boys and girls who like having fun and making friends. The Beaver Scout Section is the youngest of the four Sections that make up The Scout Association in Scotland, leading up to the Cub Scout Section.

What do they wear?

Beaver Scouts have their own smart, practical uniform comprising a turquoise sweatshirt bearing the "Beaver" motif, Group scarf and a maroon woggle to hold it in place, and trousers.

What do they do?

Beaver Scouts usually meet once a week in a ‘Colony’, which is run by a trained adult Beaver Scout Leader and Assistant Beaver Scout Leaders or helpers.

Beaver Scout activities are a combination of learning and having fun, whether it is simple crafts such as making spaceships and monsters from scrap materials or visits to fun parks or to the zoo.

Beaver Scouting is also about caring and sharing. Beaver Scouts often help their local community in various ways - planting flower bulbs in the park, or collecting pennies for people in need, to name just two.

After a few weeks of going to Colony Meetings, a new Beaver Scout will make their first Promise, thereby joining the Beaver Scout Section. This also makes them a Member of the Worldwide Scout Movement, which has a Membership of over 25 million! The Promise is very simple:

I Promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to love God.

When a Beaver Scout reaches 8 years of age, they will "swim up" to Cub Scouts